Old Chinese Temple  -  WIP




Participant of CG Trader Award


The scene shows an old chinese temple on a cloudy and mysterious mountain.

All stylized textures were completely hand-painted.

Currently still work in progress.


Since November 2016



Unreal Engine - Lighting Only

Unreal Engine - Detailed Lighting

Concept Sketch

Early Blockout

Temple Building - Partly modular

Lowpoly Assets

Lowpoly Wireframe

Lowpoly with Texture

Highpoly Sculpt

Chinese Temple Lion

Lowpoly Plants

Marmoset Render


Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lantern - 2 different flickering materials

Clouds - Just one simple material

Particle Effects

Personal Reflection


During this project I learned a lot about stylized texturing, especially hand-painted texturing in Photoshop.

There were also plenty of challenges I encountered while working on this project. The biggest challenge was to get the lighting inside Unreal 4 correct as I imagined it to be. I wanted to create a sunset like mood with a little mystic touch.

Another great challenge is to achieve a final scene and terrain in Unreal 4 which sticks very close to the concept.

The terrain still needs some tweaks to get the snug and cozy feeling I want it to have and to reflect the concept well. At the moment it looks a bit too spacious and uncomfortable. I also want to add an additional lighting with blue sky and white fluffy clouds.

There is still some work to do (like finishing the cherry tree) to give this scene the final touch.

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