Victorian Study Room  -  WIP




Early Blockout - 3dsMax


The aim was to create a study room of an old professor in the victorian century. The assets were textured with the PBR-Workflow.

Still work in progress.


Since September 2016


Marmoset Render

Wall & Floor - Modular

Unreal Engine 4 Render

Lowpoly + NormalMap

Lowpoly + Textures


Wall Modules

Ground Tile

Packed for UE4

Normal Map

Base Color

Wallpaper - Base Color

Wood - Base Color


Height Map

Normal Map

Base Color

Leather Chair Material

Some Assets

Concept Sketches - WIP

Personal Reflection

I just began working on this project, so there is still much stuff to do.

At the beginning I just wanted to create the desk which one of the concepts is showing. This is why I started modelling small assets in contrast of modelling bigger parts of a complete room level first.

I loved the idea of creating a whole scene instead of just a desk so I worked out an early blockout of the level which came into my mind and started concepting it on paper.


The overall look of the scene should be a little messy but not neglected. To arrange this scene as natural and credible as possible, I worked out a complete character chart for the professor who works in this room. The scene should be quite dark as the only light comes from some lights in the room itself and a bit of sunlight which is falling through curtains.

This intends to create a rather oppressive impression which is additionally supported by the narrow room itself and many assets  lying around. The use of lights with a slightly warm and red touch ought to create a snugly and homely atmosphere which will further underline the character.


With this scene I want to challenge my texturing skills to a maximum, especially regarding realistic pbr materials. I also wanted to enhance my modelling skills, especially in terms of modelling complex shapes like Victorian patterns. I am really looking forward in progressing this scene as I want it to come to life as I imagined.

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